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Material Name: Caustic soda flakes (Sodium Hydroxide), NaOH
Common Name: Caustic soda flakes, Alkali Soda
Physical and Chemical Properties: Density 2.13 g/cm3 - Melting Point 318 ºc - Purity 98% - Molar Mass 39.9971 g/mol - Boiling Point 1388 ºc

Hazards of Contact
1. It causes severe respiratory irritation and breathing failure.
2. It causes severe eye irritation.
3. If swallowed it causes lips, mouth and esophagus burning, diarrhea and vomiting.
4. Prolonged contact with skin causes skin burn.

First Aids
1. Go to an open space and breathe clean fresh air. In case of problem in breathing, use oxygen masks.
2. While keeping eyes completely open, wash them for 15 minutes with water and meet a doctor immediately.
3. Rinse the stricken person’s mouth and give him plenty of water to drink. Do not induce vomiting. In case of vomiting, keep him bounding forward. If possible, give him milk and check his consciousness.
4. Remove any clothes and shoes then rinse the injured part(s) for 15 minutes with soap and water and meet a doctor immediately.

Actions in case of Fire

Use a suitable fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Never use water for putting out its fire because adding water to caustic soda flakes produce a large amount of heat. Take the soda container to a safe place far from the fire carefully and wear protective clothes, mask and helmet.
Attention: If exposed to heat, caustic soda flakes would be decomposed and would release toxic vapor.
Action in Case of accidental dispersion
- Ventilate the closed space before entering.
- Avoid pouring caustic soda flakes into the water disposal channel or burying it under the ground. If possible, stop the leakage flow cautiously.
- Prevent making any dust, while gathering the material by means of a spade or a trowel.

Shipment and Warehousing
- It must be kept in two-ply polypropylene or polyethylene packages, which are properly sewed.
- Carry the container carefully and try to keep the inside of the container dry and cool.
When carrying the substance be careful not to contact your skin, eyes and clothes with it. When your job finished, wash your hands and face with water.
- Keep caustic soda flakes away from foods, drinks, reach of children and animal’s foods.

Environmental Considerations
- Keep it in a well-closed container away from humidity and carbon dioxide that exists in the air. In case of pouring and dispersing, it is collectable.
- It can be neutralized by means of acids. It increases the alkaline property of water and soil. In contact with heat and flame, it would be decomposed and produce toxic vapor.
Attention: adding water or acids to caustic soda flakes would releases a considerable amount of heat therefore when making its solution add caustic soda flakes to water or acids using a fixed stirring bar.

Protective equipments
protective glasses, protective body cover with long sleeves and proper mask