Caustic Soda Flakes

Introduction to Shiraz Farashimi caustic soda flakes

Shiraz Farashimi Producing Company has started its activity since 1384 in the field of producing caustic soda flakes as the first producer of this chemical compound, and now it is one of the best producers of this material. This company also works in distributing diverse chemical compounds and industrial acids.

Farashimi caustic soda flakes with the chemical formula of NaOH, and the common name of caustic soda flakes, is a solid substance in flake form, which has a white color and has no smell. This material, has a high alkaline property in comparison to other alkaline substances and is highly reactive. In the form of watery solution, it is intensively corrosive. It does not produce undesirable materials such as carbon dioxide or other carbonates during the production process. It has a wide range of application in industries such as oil and gas refining, petrochemical industries, paper and paper-pulp production, weaving industries, food and agricultural industries, color and resin, degreasing industries and other related industries, alcohol making and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in metal an galvanic coating, aluminum and glass production, battery producing and … .

 Advantages of Using Shiraz Farashimi Caustic soda flakes:

- Sending sample

- Purity of 98%

- On time delivery

- The best price

- Shipment to all parts of the country

- Export to other countries

- You can first analysis and be sure of the quality then pay the money

- Diverse and proper packaging like: 25 kg, one-ply or two-ply polypropylene packages.

*Shiraz farashimi company has a transportation system for shipping caustic soda flakes, containers of acids and different chemical substances to all over the country.

Pay attention to the following issues in storage and handling of caustic soda flakes:

- Keep in a dry well ventilated place

- The warehouse must be a covered place and caustic soda flakes must be kept far from acids or other incompatible materials.

- Caustic soda flakes releases a large amount of heat when solved in water.

- Warning symbols such as being corrosive and … must be attached somewhere to be seen.

 Shiraz Farashimi Quality Control Unit and Laboratory for Caustic soda flakes:

These two units have trained professional personnel trying to provide the best quality control for our customers. Quality is checked through all of the stages from the entrance of raw materials to the production of the final product.