Caustic Soda Flakes

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Caustic soda flakes:
It is sodium hydroxide indeed. Industrially it is an all-purpose chemical substance. The chemical formula of caustic soda flakes is NaOH. Its trading name is caustic soda flakes. This chemical substance is a combination of sodium, oxygen and hydrogen. The material has specific and special applications and has diverse names among the users. Some of these common names are caustic soda flakes, sodium hydroxide, solid soda and … so do not be surprised if you heared some of these names while buying. Caustic soda flakes is a white, liquid odourless substance. According to the chemical formula it is an alkaline substance. It is so corrosive and you must be so careful when you want to use it. It’s better to use protective gloves when working with caustic soda flakes because in case of contact with skin, it would be irritating.

Properties of Caustic soda flakes:
Caustic soda flakes has a very vast application because of its specific properties. It surely can be said that it is one of the all-purpose materials in the context of industry. The properties of caustic soda flakes are concisely as follow:
Its solubility in water is 111 g of soda per 100 ml of water at 20 ºc. It solves in solvents such as glycerine, ethanol and methanol by an equal ratio.
One other property of this material is degreasing. Caustic soda flakes can degrease very considerably. It is again emphasize that safety issues must be regarded in using this material. Since it is an alkaline substance, it is used for neutralizing acidic environments. Different acidic environments can be neutralized by using this substance. This extraordinary property causes it to be used widely as a PH regulator.

Applications of Caustic soda flakes:
Since it has a wide application in different industries, it has a significant role in domestic production. In fact, deficiency of soda can attack industries and leads to serious damages.
We will be acquainted with some of its industrial applications in the following paragraphs:
-Food Industry
It is used for alkalifying in canned food industry. Of course, it is used in a very diluted form.
Dairy production industry is another place, which uses caustic soda flakes.
It is applied in water treatment and in industries that deals with water treatment.
Production of cocoa, chocolate and caramel is another industrial area which use caustic soda flakes. It is also used in production of beverages.
One of its specific applications is in curing olive. Of course usage in this case must be according to scientific principal to make it safe for human body.
Caustic soda flakes in food industry is used for washing and rinsing vegetables and fruits. It is obvious that it is applied industrially and it is not suitable for domestic applications. Other applications of sodium hydroxide in food industries are oil purification, sugar and cubic sugar production.

Caustic soda flakes in Pharmaceutical Industries:
This substance is used in production if some drugs. For example in production of Aspirin which is a pain killer drug. Sodium hydroxide is applied in a very few amount. It is also consumed in production of blood coagulant drugs.

Caustic soda flakes in Metal and Coating Industries:
It is used in different metal relevant industries specifically in aluminum and zinc production. This substance is also used in manufacturing glass. Galvanic industry and diverse coating industries need this substance too.

Caustic soda flakes in Cosmetic and Sanitary Products:
Caustic soda flakes is applied in production of cosmetic and sanitary products. In Iran, cosmetic producers consume a considerable amount of caustic soda flakes annually. The science of applying this substance in cosmetic products is significant and so complicate.

Caustic soda flakes in Producing Bleaching Liquids:
As previously mentioned about caustic soda flakes properties, it is a strong degrease so, it is clear that it can be applied in production of bleaching liquids and degreasers. These industries consume a huge amount of caustic soda flakes. Of course using pure caustic soda flakes with the goal of producing bleaching liquids is not recommended.
Caustic soda flakes in Production of Soaps and Other Detergents:
Many alkaline materials are used in production of soap that caustic soda flakes is an important one of them.
Diverse types of detergents like bleaching ones use sodium hydroxide too.

Caustic soda flakes in Tile Production:
One of the other applications of caustic soda flakes is tile and ceramic manufacturing. Using this material in this industry leads to increase the firmness of the products.

Caustic soda flakes in Battery Production:
Battery is a product that deals with basic and acidic environments. As a very alkaline substance caustic soda flakes has a very considerable application in battery production.

Caustic soda flakes in Production of Alcohol:
One of the industries in which caustic soda flakes plays an important role is alcohol production. The rate of consuming sodium hydroxide depends on the alcohol concentration.

Caustic soda flakes in Weaving and Dying Industries, in Production of Leather and Synthetic Silks
Caustic soda flakes is applied in production of different textiles and leather. Dying factories use a considerable amount of caustic soda flakes. It is also used in production of synthetic silks.

Caustic soda flakes in Producing Paper Boxes:
Paper box producers apply alkaline materials like sodium hydroxide.

Caustic soda flakes in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries:
One special application of caustic soda flakes is in upstream industries, in other words oil, gas and petrochemical industries. This application causes this material to be a strategic one so an exclusive effort is done inside the country to produce sodium hydroxide.
Caustic soda flakes in Chemical Industries
Caustic soda flakes in production of Glues and Sticks
Since caustic soda flakes has a wide range of application in different industries, it can be consider as a mother material. Correct and optimized application of this material is so important. The quality of sodium hydroxide specifically in food industries is so significant and must be considered by producers.

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